3 Steps to Christmas

Though Christmas is my favourite time of year, for most of us it can also be the busiest! How do we keep ourselves motivated, full of energy and high spirited during December? Follow our three steps to dress up your coffee for fun & good times during the Winter season.

Step 1 – Brew

Though it’s very easy to grab the nearest kettle and a scoop of instant granules, there are far more satisfying ways of brewing your coffee. For this post, i’ll be treating myself to the MokaVista Stovetop Espresso Maker.

Unscrew the top of the MokaVista from the boiler base and remove the filter funnel. Fill the base with water up to the MAX fill line. Fill the funnel with fresh, good quality, finely ground coffee. Tightly screw the top of the MokaVista to the base to ensure that the steam doesn’t leak out during the brewing process. Place the MokaVista on the stove and heat gently waiting for your coffee to brew.


Step 2 – Froth

Known for making extremely frothy coffees, our original milk frothers are the perfect tool to have on stand by (quite literally stands perfectly on your work desk, hello desk goals).

Fill a mug half way to the top with a milk of your choice. Heat milk in a microwave for around 90 seconds to warm to the perfect temperature for frothing. Angle your mug slightly before inserting the whisk head into the milk, starting at the base of the mug,  for optimum froth move the whisk upwards whilst circling the edge of the mug.  Add your coffee to the milk, I like to do this neatly by pouring it right at the edge of a mug to leave a white base for my stencil.


Step 3 – Decorate

It’s time to dress up your coffee! Our cappuccino artist is one of the newer additions to our collection of coffee accessories. Choosing from one of our six designs housed in the holder, pop one of the stencils on top, invert and twist. In order to get the clearest decoration, with a steady hand place the cappuccino artist as close as you can to the surface of your coffee before twisting.

Lastly… sip on your warm Christmas coffee, and remember – It’s never too late in the day for coffee, after all it’s always morning somewhere. 

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