Iced Caramel Latte with our MokaVista®

Iced caramel latte 🥛 paired with a 🍩 Donut you agree this is perfect for a day of summer in spring. A little bit of a comfort and a little bit of chill. Recipe below!

You will need:
• ice
• milk of your choice
• sugar free caramel syrup
• a shot of coffee
• a super chocolaty donut

Add a heap of ice to a glass of milk, pour in your caramel syrup (quantity entirely up to you, let’s remember it’s sugar free, so we used plenty!) Pour over your coffee. We made ours with the aerolatte mokavista (so delicious!). Link below!

Lastly – Enjoy and indulge in an iced cold beverage with a comforting donut!

Purchase MokaVista® here!



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