Coffee Filter Papers

Features of aerolatte filter papers

Feature a super-strong, double-secure, two-sided patented wave seam that will not burst or split

Designed to fit/complement aerolatte’s No. 2 & No. 4 size Ceramic Coffee Filter

Crafted from natural, pure-grade, unbleached/untreated paper that is free from all environmental pollutants

Fully biodegradable for hassle-free disposal after usage

No 2 

Pack of 80 premium-quality No.2 (1×2) size filter papers – ideal for making a single large cup/mug of your favourite coffee

Designed to provide an optimal flow rate and level of extraction when making a single cuo/mug 

Are compatible with a wide variety of other traditional and modern drip coffee makers and filters that require No. 2 size cone filters

No 4

Pack of 80 premium-quality No.4 size filter papers – ideal for making large cups.mugs, pots or jugs of your favourite coffee

With the option to fold in 2 different ways, they universally compatible with both traditional and modern ‘drip’ coffee makers as well as V60 Japanese-style cones, glass carafes and a vast array of other devices.

The aerolatte No. 2 (1×2) & The aerolatte No. 4 Size Filter Papers – a Key Ingredient in Your Daily Coffee.
As the trend of laboratory-style coffee continues to gather pace and more gadgets that help to achieve that ‘perfect’ aroma and flavour emerge, the role that is played by disposable filter papers is often underestimated. As they are integral in producing a ‘drip-style’ coffee that is smooth, sediment-free and without undesirable fats and oils, aerolatte’s Coffee Filter Papers can be relied upon to maximise the enjoyment of your favourite coffee. The virgin pulp that is used to make the papers contains no wood or recycled content, is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) and is supplied from a responsible and sustainable certified forestry in Switzerland.

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No. 2  Pack of 80 papers

No. 4  Pack of 80 papers