aerolatte® Chef

Based on the original steam free milk frother

Vari-speed control and durable shaft

Perfect for vinaigrettes, balsamic, smooth gravy, soups, whipping cream and salad dressings

Works wonders on dessert sauces like custard, mousse and zabaglione

Mixes egg whites and makes fluffy meringues as well as perfect cappuccino, milkshakes and hot chocolate

Uses 2x AA batteries – included

What is the aerolatte® Chef?

The aerolatte® Chef – variable speed kitchen whisk is aerolatte®’s all-round kitchen whisk, based closely on the original and highly acclaimed aerolatte® steam free milk frother.

Why use the aerolatte® Chef?

Perfect for a whole host of culinary uses, the aerolatte® Chef was created to address the need for an all-round kitchen whisk that’s ideal for everything from tasty salad dressings, to soft mousse and is even great for fluffy meringues.

The battery operated aerolatte® Chef also works wonders on milkshakes, soups and also scrambled eggs. With its attractive chrome body and vari-speed control, it’s easy to clean and also its speed is easy to adjust to suit the specific item being whisked.

The aerolatte® Chef includes the original aerolatte® spiral head and comes with a strong durable shaft, as well as a long lasting motor for years of use. It’s the perfect flexible kitchen addition for those that want to whisk and mix smaller quantities of liquid and don’t want to have to clean up a large mess afterwards.

The aerolatte® Chef is a flexible kitchen addition that you’ll find numerous uses for and will soon wonder how you lived without.

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