aerolatte® Compact

Creates fantastic milky and frothy foam everytime.

Uses the Original aerolatte® spiral frothing head

Whisk head can be removed for easy cleaning

Automatic on and off

Makes 2 cups of cappuccino milk froth.

What is the aerolatte® Compact

The aerolatte® Compact Heat and Froth was created to simply, quickly and easily warm and create milk foam in 20 seconds, ensuring a perfect cappuccino is yours to enjoy each and every time.

Why use the aerolatte® Compact?

We’ve created the aerolatte® Compact to heat and froth two cups of coffee in the manner only we know how to. After seeing the success of the Grande, we realised a need for a smaller, high quality automatic milk heating and frothing machine and created the aerolatte® Compact.

Made from the very best materials, the aerolatte® Compact was engineered to be easy to use, easy to clean and to provide consistently frothy milk every time. Just place the milk in the aerolatte® Compact, push the button and within seconds you have creamy, frothy milk for your café lattes, cappuccinos and any other milk drinks you can think of.

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