aerolatte® Grande

Magically creates creamy hot or cold milk foam.

Original aerolatte® spiral frothing head for perfect results

Removable whisk head for ease of cleaning

Fully automatic

Milk froth for up to 4 cups of cappuccino.

What is the aerolatte® Grande?

The aerolatte® Grande Heat and Froth does exactly that – it heats and froths your milk simultaneously, helping you create the perfect cappuccino.

Why use the aerolatte® Grande?

Capable of creating 4 cups of foam – the aerolatte® Grande Heat and Froth is engineered from the finest materials and is also easy to clean thanks to its specially developed Lattelon coated non-stick interior. Needless to say it comes with our original aerolatte® spiral whisk and produces consistently perfect results each and every time.

Making fabulous frothy milk is as easy as placing milk in the aerolatte® Heat and Froth and pushing the button. Our milk and froth machine will then heat your milk to the perfect temperature, leaving you with thick, creamy froth that’s perfect for cappuccinos.

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