The original and the best steam-free milk frother

Available in a range of colours

Creates fantastically frothy milk everytime

Perfect for cappuccinos, cafe latte, milkshakes and a whole lot more

Cappuccino friends Alan and Gary, both with expensive steam based espresso machines, couldn’t make decent frothed milk. Together they were in search of the best solution for making perfect frothy milk for cappuccino, caffe latte, milkshakes and hot chocolates.

This passion for great coffee has become a global business. The creation of aerolatte® “the original steam free milk frother” has changed the world and over the years aerolatte® has grown by word of mouth from person to person and country to country.

Since we first created the much loved and highly lauded aerolatte® we’ve added a range of fantastic designs to our range – take a look at our coloured milk frothers in all their wonderful tones.

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