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Cappuccino is only one of the great coffee drinks that can be made with the aerolatte® frother. In this section, We’ll show you some amazing Italian treats which will really spice up those coffee mornings!

Coffee drinks
Cappuccino is only one of the great coffee drinks that can be made with the aerolatte® frother. In this section, I’ll show you some amazing Italian treats which will really spice up thos coffee mornings! Let’s start with the basics:

Cappuccino with the aerolatte® ©
As an Italian, I take my morning cappuccino very seriously. It’s part of every Italian’s morning ritual and we demand the best. Fortunately, it’s easy to make a real Italian Cappuccino with the aerolatte® at home in a few minutes.

Take a high-sided mug and fill to a third of its height with hot milk (not boiling – just hot). The aerolatte® frother will whisk the milk to three or four times the original volume. Take the aerolatte® frother and place it in the glass almost to the bottom. Hold the aerolatte® at a slight angle. Turn it on. In a few seconds you will see creamy foam begin to form. Raise the aerolatte® frother slowly to the top of the glass – but don’t take it out – lower it again. Do this a few times and you’ll see the milk froth right to the top. Once the foam is thick, you can create great peaks of foam by moving the aerolatte® whisk head slowly around the top of the froth (just under the surface).

When you’ve finished, put the aerolatte® straight down in the glass – turn it off and then take out. Your milk is ready. Make some strong coffee and pour it into a cup – ideally espresso or mocha but the beauty of the aerolatte® frother is that you can use any type of coffee according to taste. Pour the milk foam on top.

Buon Cappuccino!

A dust of cinnamon or black cocoa on top is great.

Vanilla Cappuccino©
This is a delicious newcomer in the cappuccino world. With the aerolatte® you can make it in the healthiest and most natural way. You just put a small amount of Bourbon vanilla in fresh hot milk. Foam the mixture with the aerolatte® in a high-sided mug. Pour your black coffee through the foam. Now enjoy the delicious warm vanilla taste.

Almond cappuccino©
This fantastic cappuccino takes me back to early spring evenings in Amalfi, Italy. Just put a few drops of almond flavour in your fresh hot milk before you use the . Whisk and then pour your coffee through it to get a beautiful Mediterranean cappuccino. If you have a couple of amaretto cookies – crumble them into it. You’ll feel like you are on holiday.

Latte macchiato©
Another great classic that you can easily prepare with the aerolatte® frother in a few minutes, is Latte macchiato.

Take a high glass and fill it one third full with hot milk (not boiling). Add some sugar (if you like) and whisk with the aerolatte® as you did for the cappuccino. Now leave the foamed milk on one side for about 2-3 minutes. This will let it strengthen and separate. Now pour the hot filtered coffee at the top in the middle of the milk and see how the foam rises above the glass edge. This foam will not fall apart. Now you have an amusing macchiato – white milk at the bottom – a middle of brown coffee – a top of white foam. If you like cinnamon or cocoa – add it to the top.

Enjoy your Latte macchiato and everyone’s look of amazement at your beautiful coffee drink!

Latte macchiato with espresso©
Make a Latte macchiato following the previous instructions but this time use espresso or strong mocha coffee in the foamed milk. This coffee drink will be stronger in taste than latte macchiato. Again, you will have the beautiful milk foam.

This time you let the foam rest 2-3 minutes and then add a little more hot milk to get the foam to rise above the glass rim. Then you pour the espresso or mocha coffee into the middle of the foam. You could use espresso coffee to bring the milk foam above the rim of the glass but then you will really stay awake!

Gran Crema©
There is one more Latte macchiato called ‘Gran Crema’ or ‘Four colours’ because it has four coloured bands. This you can make in a few minutes with the aerolatte®!

Whisk some nice hot milk to the top of a glass. Put it to one side for 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare an espresso or mocha to put in the ‘latte’ as before. In a second mug, prepare another espresso or mocha with a little sugar and whisk this with the aerolatte® – making brown foam in less than a minute. Now pour the normal espresso/mocha into the foamed milk. Put the sweetened espresso/mocha foam on top of this coffee macchiato. Gran crema’s four coloured stripes white at the bottom brown espresso/mocha in the middle white creamy foamed milk near the top brown espresso foam on top

It looks good incredibly impressive after a dinner party – and what’s more, it tastes fantastic!

Espresso macchiato©
Another classic is the macchiato or mocha coffee macchiato. Here much less milk is used to form a firm froth on top of the coffee. Make your espresso or mocha coffee. Put a little hot milk in a separate pot with a small amount of sugar (according to taste). Use the aerolatte® frother to foam the milk. Pour this foam onto your espresso coffee until the coffee cup is nearly full to the rim.

Your macchiato is ready. If you take small spoon of milk foam, drop the foam on the top of your macchiato, you will have the original ‘cornetto’ or ‘little’ horn’ in the best Italian tradition.

Caffe alla Cesare©
This is delicious espresso with a top of creamy egg yolk and Cognac. Make an espresso or mocha coffee. Then take one fresh egg yolk and put it in a glass pot with a small spoon of sugar and cover it with Cognac. Whisk this mixture with the aerolatte® to a creamy foam in less than a minute. Now spoon this cream on your espresso coffee and just enjoy it!

Caffe Coretti©
This is one of the well-known ‘winter warmer’ drinks of Italy. It is usually made with espresso coffee (or sometimes cappuccino) by adding a drop of Grappa, Baileys, brandy or even rum. Perhaps after a heavy dinner even a drop of Fernet Branca or Averna is used! The secret of a good Caffè Coretti is the “cream” that’s added to the espresso. Here are some ideas for great ‘creams’ to add to your coffee – made easy with the help of aerolatte®.

Take one small glass and fill it ½ with hot milk and ½ with liquor, sweetened with one spoon of sugar (or not as you prefer). Whisk with the aerolatte® frother but make sure the whisk head is completely covered. Soon the milk mixture will expand by a factor of four to five times its original size and you will have a delicious “cream”. I recommend 4cl of milk to 4cl of liquor. Here are some of the liquors I use; Whiskey, Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Sambucco, Anise liquor, William Pear liquor, Amaraetto, Baileys, Averna, Grappa, brandy and rum.

These liquors are suggestions, you should let your imagination help you decide – as I always say – let the aerolatte® inspire your imagination through your taste adventures.

Instant creamy coffee©
When you’re really pushed for time, you can use instant coffee to make an instant creamy coffee. Put a small spoon of instant coffee directly into the hot milk and whisk with the aerolatte®. You get a beautiful creamy coffee.

Of course you can use instant coffee with all the recipes, as well.

Drinks recipes lovingly created for my friends at aerolatte® by Marco Finocchiaro, Italian gourmet