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You can make almost any kind of thick milkshake or frappèe with the aerolatte® frother – without using large, messy mixers or expensive ice-cream. Spend less time preparing and cleaning-up and more time enjoying your drink when you use the aerolatte® frother!

Coffee drinks
Cappuccino is only one of the great coffee drinks that can be made with the aerolatte® frother. In this section, I’ll show you some amazing Italian treats which will really spice up those coffee mornings! Let’s start with the basics:

Fruit milkshakes© in less than a minute
The basic recipe for a fruit milkshake is to use two parts of chilled milk (the colder the better) to one part of cold fresh juice. Fill a tall glass or aerolatte® Shakes tumbler to a third of its volume. The aerolatte®will froth and expand the mixture up to the rim of the glass in less than a minute.

Sometimes, I add a small spoon of sugar to bring out the fruity taste – it’s a matter of personal preference and has no impact on the “frothability” of the milk. These fruit juices make great shakes: lemon, orange, grape, honey melon, pineapple, banana, strawberry, wild berry, apple and pear. You can use almost any kind of fresh fruit – if it is puréed or liquidised before you add it to the cold milk. Using the aerolatte® frother is the simplest way to make a really delicious and healthy milkshake. Try using skimmed (0% fat) milk and puréed fruit for a great, fat-free, healthy treat.

Experiment and discover new tastes by using your favourite juices in different combinations, for a vitamin packed, health drink.

Mixed fruit milkshakes©
With a little extra effort you can combine different fruit juices. But remember to fill the tumbler to only a third of its height to allow for the drink to expand. Here are a few of the combinations I particularly like:

¼ of pear juice, ¼ peach juice and ½ ice cold milk
¼ of pear juice, ¼ cherry juice and ½ ice cold milk
¼ of strawberry juice, ¼ grape juice and ½ ice cold milk
¼ of orange juice, ¼ pineapple juice and ½ ice cold milk
¼ of pear juice, ¼ kiwi juice and ½ ice cold milk
¼ of peach juice, ¼ orange juice and ½ ice cold milk
1/5 honeydew melon, 1/5 pineapple juice, 1/5 papaya juice and 2/5 cold milk
1/6 papaya juice, 1/6 orange juice, 1/6 puréed banana and ½ cold milk
Almond cappuccino©
This fantastic cappuccino takes me back to early spring evenings in Amalfi, Italy. Just put a few drops of almond flavour in your fresh hot milk before you use the . Whisk and then pour your coffee through it to get a beautiful Mediterranean cappuccino. If you have a couple of amaretto cookies – crumble them into it. You’ll feel like you are on holiday.

Summer frappèes ©
A frappée is a light and refreshing drink, which you can make very easily with the aerolatte® frother – just by using refrigerated still mineral water with fruit juices. Remember to fill your high-sided glass to third of its height with the water and juice. Maybe add a drop of fine grain sugar to enhance the fruit taste. Try a few of my fruit combinations for a tasty and ‘no fat’ frappée:

½ strawberry juice (or purée) with ½ cold mineral water
¼ puréed banana, ¼ pineapple juice with ½ cold mineral water
¼ puréed strawberries, ¼ water melon juice, ¼ cherry juice with ¼ cold mineral water
2/5 cherry juice , 1/5 apple juice with 2/5 cold mineral water
1/5 pear juice, 2/5 grapefruit juice with 2/5 cold mineral water

Experiment and discover new tastes by using your favourite juices in different combinations, for a vitamin packed, health drink.

Caffè frappée© – in seconds
Remember that great holiday in Greece with the groovy little coffee frappées they served? With instant coffee, you can make a cold coffee frappée in seconds. Put one teaspoon of instant coffee in half a glass of cooled still water; add a drop of sugar if required and froth it up with the aerolatte® frother! Add a little bit of Irish cream liqueur with the instant coffee to make this a summer drink to remember.

Banana and cinnamon milkshake© – hot or cold
The banana and cinnamon combination can be refreshing in summer or very warming in winter when made with hot milk. Make it with ¼ volume of banana purée to ¾ volume of milk (remembering to only fill the glass 1/3 full). Froth it with the aerolatte® frother into a smooth high foam and dust with cinnamon. It’s delicious.

Chocolate milk©
Regular drinking chocolate enters a new dimension with the aerolatte® frother. Use natural chocolate or cocoa – avoid using instant chocolate powders with emulsifiers, which do not froth well. Don’t worry that normal drinking chocolate advises only to use hot milk – the aerolatte® frother will dispense the chocolate granules through the milk.

Fill your glass one third with fridge cold milk and add one or two small spoons of chocolate powder. Whisk together with the aerolatte® frother and you’ll have the richest tasting chocolate drink. Try adding some orange liqueur to give it a whole new aspect. Can also be used with hot milk.

Coffee milkshake© – in seconds
Of course, you can make a coffee milkshake very quickly with one regular small spoon of instant coffee into a high-sided glass. Fill the glass to a third of its height with fridge cold milk. Whisk it with the aerolatte® frother for a delicious smooth frothy coffee milkshake.

Honey milk©
Don’t forget one of my personal favourites, a drink that always reminds me of sweet Summer days in Italy – honey milk. This healthy drink is given a new twist when prepared with the aerolatte® frother.

Put a small spoon of liquid honey in a high-sided glass, which is a third full of fridge chilled milk. Whisk with the aerolatte® to the rim. Take two amaretto cookies and finely crush them. Sprinkle these on top of the frothed milk.

You can also try this with hot milk as a wonderful winter warmer.

Drinks recipes lovingly created for my friends at aerolatte® by Marco Finocchiaro, Italian gourmet