French Press Cafetiere

The aerolatte® French Press Cafetiere is one of our newest items. This page provides support, the opportunity to order spares and also FAQs based around our aerolatte French Press Cafetiere.

Product Support

Please click here if you require help or additional aerolatte® French Press Cafetiere support.

Frequently asked questions

How do I Measure Coffee for the aerolatte® French Press Cafetiere?

We’ve made measurements easy with our aerolatte® French Press Cafetiere. Simply use the gauge at the side of the aerolatte® French Press Cafetiere’s beaker to measure the ratio of water to coffee.

Add one measuring spoon worth of coffee for every cup you require. Then use the numerical gauge to fill the water to the particular number of cups required.

How do I replace the coffee beaker in the aerolatte® French Press Cafetiere?

We’ve created the aerolatte® French Press Cafetiere to make it easy to change the beaker. Simply twist and pull the beaker to remove it. This allows for ease of cleaning and also easy replacement if needs be.