Heat and Froth

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Frequently asked questions

It Seems to be all Froth and no Milk?

The machine converts milk to frothed milk. On first sight, this appears to be all foam with little milk. Over time, the foam will separate into milk and milk froth. If coffee is poured through the foam, it will draw the milk down through the froth to make the perfect cappuccino mix of 1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk and 1/3 froth.

It’s overflowing with froth – what did I do wrong?

Firstly make sure you used the lower MAX setting for the frothing function. Different milks will froth to a different degree and you may get varying results.

The machine has been calibrated with a variety of milks. However, please note that some milks (especially long-life milks) will froth very well and you may find that the jug overflows with the max setting.

If this is the case, simply stop the machine by pressing the power button and note to use a smaller amount of milk next time

The froth isn’t as good as I expected.

Remember, that not all milk will froth. Sometimes, for no apparently explicable reason, a particular batch of milk just will not froth. Also note that the aerolatte® compact heat & froth machine works best with full fat milk. Semi skimmed milk will not give as good results. Please try another batch of milk before considering the machine to be faulty.

The lights are on but it’s not working

It is possible that the aerolatte®whisking head has become stuck due to incorrect cleaning on a previous occasion. Empty the milk and clean the unit thoroughly using the “Additional Care” instructions above. With the power disconnected, use your hand to force the whisk head to rotate.