Winter Warmers

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You’ve probably already discovered the delights of the aerolatte® frother to make a fantastic hot chocolate or maybe a malted drink like Horlicks® before bedtime. well now’s the time to explore a little and try my delicious collection of hot warming drinks.

A traditional English recipe hardly ever drunk in England but extremely popular in the USA! This Christmas warmer is made in minutes with the aerolatte® frother.

Put following ingredients in a high sided glass:
one egg yolk
one spoon of fine/caster sugar
hot milk ¼ of a glass
hot coffee ¼ of a glass
2cl brandy
2cl black rum
a pinch of nutmeg

Remember to fill only half the glass with the ingredients. Whisk them with the aerolatte® into a delicious winter cream. Decorate the top with cinnamon and say “Cheers!”

Caffe alla Cesare©
This is delicious espresso with a top of creamy egg yolk and Cognac. Make an espresso or mocha coffee. Then take one fresh egg yolk and put it in a glass pot with a small spoon of sugar and cover it with Cognac. Whisk this mixture with the aerolatte® to a creamy foam in less than a minute. Now spoon this cream on your espresso coffee and just enjoy it!

Caffè Coretti©
This is one of the well-known ‘winter warmer’ drinks of Italy. It is usually made with espresso coffee (or sometimes cappuccino) by adding a drop of Grappa, Baileys, brandy or even rum. Perhaps after a heavy dinner even a drop of Fernet Branca or Averna is used! The secret of a good Caffè Coretti is the “cream” that’s added to the espresso. Here are some ideas for great ‘creams’ to add to your coffee – made easy with the help of aerolatte®.

Take one small glass and fill it ½ with hot milk and ½ with liquor, sweetened with one spoon of sugar (or not as you prefer). Whisk with the aerolatte® frother but make sure the whisk head is completely covered. Soon the milk mixture will expand by a factor of four to five times its original size and you will have a delicious “cream”.

I recommend 4cl of milk to 4cl of liquor. Here are some of the liquors I use; Whiskey, Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Sambucco, Anise liquor, William Pear liquor, Amaraetto, Baileys, Averna, Grappa, brandy and rum.

These liquors are suggestions, you should let your imagination help you decide – as I always say – let the aerolatte® inspire your imagination through your taste adventures.

Banana and cinnamon milk©
The banana and cinnamon combination can be refreshing in summer or very warming in winter when made with hot milk. Make it with ¼ volume of banana purée to ¾ volume of hot milk (remembering to only fill the glass 1/3 full). Froth it with the aerolatte® frother into a smooth high foam and dust with cinnamon. Just right for snuggling in front of the fire.

Hot chocolate©
Regular drinking chocolate enters a new dimension with the aerolatte® frother. Use natural chocolate or cocoa – avoid using instant chocolate powders with emulsifiers, which do not froth well.

Fill your glass one third with hot (but not boiled) milk and add one or two small spoons of chocolate powder. Whisk together with the aerolatte® frother and you’ll have a hot chocolate like no other you’ve tasted before. Try adding some orange liqueur to give it a whole new aspect. Can also be used with cold milk.

Our children love this drink as a caffeine free way of having a “grown-up” cappuccino. Prepare a regular half cup of hot chocolate. In a separate tall mug, fill one quarter with hot milk and add some vanilla and a little sugar. Whisk this vanilla milk until a really, thick foam develops. Now set it a side for a couple of minutes to thicken even more.

After setting aside the milk, slowly pour the hot chocolate through the middle of the thick foam until the foam rises to about a cm above the rim of the glass. Sprinkle with chocolate powder and savour the few minutes of peace as the children enjoy this “adult” treat.

Honey milk©
As a cold drink, this is one of my personal favourites, a drink that always reminds me of sweet Summer days in Italy. But it’s great too as a winter warmer. It’s healthy and with a tot of whiskey can be wicked too!

Put a small spoon of liquid honey in a high-sided glass, which is a third full of hot milk. Whisk with the aerolatte® to the rim. Take two amaretto cookies and finely crush them. Sprinkle these on top of the frothed milk. One to enjoy tucked up in bed before retiring for the night.

Drinks recipes lovingly created for my friends at aerolatte® by Marco Finocchiaro, Italian gourmet